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Hey! Im Daine.

An Associate Director of Front-end Engineering, EMEA at 10up – a full-service agency that's worked with big names like Google, TIME, ESPN, and BBC America. With over 12 years of experience under his belt, he's basically a self-taught wizard when it comes to Front-end Engineering and web performance. His mission? Making awesome user experiences available to all.

In the world of Front-end Engineering, Daine's like the tech guru you wish you had as a friend. He's known for being the go-to person, whether you need advice, a great article, or an inspiring talk. Plus, he's a certified Scrum Master with Agile42 and can't get enough of tech toys like React, NextJS, TypeScript, Storybook, Jest, and more.

Over at 10up, Daine's the one who makes sure projects run like a well-oiled machine. He keeps the front-end engineers in check and drops wisdom on infrastructure, architecture, and best practices.

Lately, he's been all about boosting web performance worldwide. He's been jet-setting, sharing his wisdom, and helping the team up their game. He's been writing docs, setting the gold standard, and making sure clients and teams are on the same wavelength.

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Daine's got a BA in Strategic Brand Communication Degree from Vega and a pretty impressive resume in tech. He's been a Training Coordinator and Lead Corporate Trainer at Friends of Design and even a Lead Open-Source Engineer for 24.com.

Besides being a WordPress whiz, Daine's all about open-source and lifting up women in tech. He's a true champion of equality and skills-building.

Daine's secret sauce? He's a learning machine with a knack for Design, UX, Accessibility, and Front-end tech. Change is his playground, and he's a pro at helping teams cook up front-end strategies.


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Mike Bal

Product Leader - Growth | Product Market Fit

I was lucky enough to have Daine on my team when he started at 10up and in different dynamics for the years after as we both advanced our careers. I've always been impressed with the high standards Daine holds for quality of work, and how it applies to every aspect of ite.g. accessibility, performance, usability. It's been incredible to see him evolve as a senior leader and mentor to others. Any organization would be lucky to have Daine as part of their engineering team.

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Tim Hoang

Senior Talent Acquisition Strategy

During my tenure there, I was able to watch Daine grow and flourish as he rose up the proverbial ranks. Something I always appreciated about Daine was his curiosity and hunger to learn more and do better. It's no wonder he's now in an AD role. He respects all people and genuinely wants to get to know people and help them how he can. Being technically sound/good at your job is one thing, being a genuinely kind human being and team player is another; and Daine possesses both.

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Matthew McAchran

Lead Software Engineer

I had the pleasure of working with Daine during my time at 10up. During that time we collaborated on several projects, the biggest being a complex site utilizing Salesforce APIs as an authentication endpoint and various styling challenges. Daine was instrumental in figuring out these challenges. His positive attitude and out-of-the-box thinking was an invaluable asset. I highly recommend Daine and he will be an asset to any company!

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Byron Mawer

Associate at JG Afrika

Daine has throughout his career managed and produced web platforms for Client's of mine, as well as myself. He has a talent for learning and adapting to current trends in industry, and producing high quality work. My experience is that he is constantly trying to improve his skills and learn more, which has led to a dynamic and professional service offering. Highly recommended.