Favorite Front-End Extensions for Visual Studio Code

A selection of my favourite VS Code Extensions

Photo by Roman Synkevych on Unsplash

Visual Studio Code is one of the newest kids on the IDE “block” and it’s making a lot of noise. It’s taken a little while to gain traction, perhaps because it’s one of Microsoft’s few open source products, but it’s taken the open-source community by storm. Developers who once swore their allegiance to Sublime Text 3 and Atom are slowly being converted by the power and simplicity of VS Code–not to mention its incredible library of extensions.

I began my own coding life on Sublime Text 3, moved to Atom, then PHPStorm, then after my subscription expired with JetBrains I thought I’d give VS Code a try. It continues to make my life easier and by doing so, makes me a better developer...

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